Binary Options guide – Strategy and analysis

Binary Options guide and strategyBinary options trading is still new territory for many interested traders. Therefore, we offer a clear and simple 4-step guide to binary options trading. We present the different types of trading modes and propose possible binary options trading strategies. Our binary options guide may benefit beginners as well as advanced traders and thus represent one small but significant step in the direction of a successful trading career.

Step 1: The Basics

  • Our introduction to binary options trading illustrates basic binary options Call/Put-trading and serves as a quick entry guide to binary options trading. Further binary trading modes, like One-Touch or Range-trading are offered by most binary brokers and therefore represent interesting alternatives when trading binary options.
  • Finally, a few basic but important binary option signals are the basis for developing binary options trading tactics.

Step 2: Binary Options Trading Strategies

Binary Options allow for returns in any market phase – whether prices are rising or falling. Depending on the actual market condition, different binary options strategies can be deployed in order to increase the chances for success. Based on our binary options analysis we present 3 different trading strategy:

  • The volatility strategy is suitable for markets with extraodinary price fluctuations that might occur when major news are released – it allows for high returns whilst maintaining a moderate risk level.
  • The trend following strategyis the right fit for strong up- or downtrends in the markets – the direction of the trend is never a problem with binary options trading as you can profit from any movement!
  • The hedging strategy shows a way to hedge profits in an existing position, like a forex-trade, temporarily against short-term price fluctuations.

Step 3: Software and Binary Options Trading Platform

In order to implement the theoretical principles into practice a binary options trading platform is required. Not all brokers develop their own binary options software. The binary options market is essentially dominated by three major trading platforms. We point out the differences between the major binary options trading platforms, as the platform is an important criterion for choosing the right broker.

Step 4: Choosing a Broker

Whether it is trading modes, binary options trading strategies, risk management or binary options tips – you will learn the basics of binary options trading with Since binary options are traded directly with the broker, selecting a reliable provider is especially important. Our binary options broker comparison helps you out. The extensive broker reviews provide you with the opinions and experiences of our experts as well as with useful information on bonuses and the account opening process.