Binary Options Demo Account for free – keep the winnings

OptionFair DemoaccountOptionFair is one of the very few binary option brokers that will give away a truly free demo account. Within just a few minutes one can immediately start risk free trading with play money – with a true binary options demo account. After registering with one of your specific links, the account will be deposited with 500 Euro play money is valid for 5 Days – and if you want, you can keep the earnings.

We specifically mention that this account is truly free because OptionFair will not force you to invest money in a real account, like many other brokers do, in order to give you a demo account. Those other brokers will definitely give you a demo account, as well but only if you open up a real trading account, as well. This is not really in the spirit of free trial.

Earn Money with the Demo Account – keep the Winnings as Bonus Money

Signing up for an OptionFair demo will only take 10 minutes and the best thing is: You can keep all earnings as bonus money!

It is that easy:

  1. Register for the demo account with one of our links. The free demo account will only work with those links.
  2. Confirm the Email that will be sent to you.
  3. The demo account will now be deposited with 500 Euro play money that are available right when you log in the first time. (If not, please contact the live chat support.)
  4. Trade away! Everything you trade towards a surplus of the initial deposit you can keep, once you transform the account into a real money account.

In this picture you see an OptionFair demo account that has generated a surplus of 400 Euro. It is possible at any time (not only after the 5 days trial period are expired), to cancel the demo account and transfer all the winnings (everything more than the initial 500 € play money) to a new real money account as bonus money. Keep in mind, the minimum deposit for a real money account with OptionFair is just 200 Euro. So the bonus amount can be multiple times 100% if you trade well! Please always keep in mind that bonus money is not available for withdrawal, unless it has reached the specified turnover of the broker.

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