Binary Option Broker Review: Our Experiences with Banc de Swiss

read our banc de swiss broker reviewThe German based Banc de Swiss has had a real kickstart career. They just went online in 2012 and already managed to become the single biggest binary options broker in the entire German speaking Traders Network. The Banc de Swiss trading platform is actually just another SpotOption platform but something must really distinguish it from the rest of the brokers out there. This Banc de Swiss review will show you what that is.

This is what we really liked about Banc de Swiss

  • Real trading account for as little as 100 Euro
  • Minimum trading amount only 5 Euro
  • Very high maximum yield of 89%
  • Extremely reliable support and customer service
  • Up to 80% loss protection, thanks to risk control tools
  • High risk yields of up to 500% for professionals

Following the German virtues “Safety and Quality”, managed to climb the ladder to the binary options broker top in no time. Our Banc de Binary review shows that it is not a mere coincidence but rather a result of putting all the right pieces together. They offer a very low minimum trading amount, have a vast range of tradable assets and also offer some of the biggest returns in the industry.

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Trading with Banc de Swiss: high returns and a maximum of control

This is, wher it already becomes interesting. Hardly any other broker manages to offer a minimum first deposit of only 100 Euro and at the same time a minimum trading amount of only 5 Euro. Most of the time, one of the variables is definitely higher. Especially beginners with little experience will value that very much, as they oftentimes don’t want to risk as much money, while they are still learning. BancdeSwiss does not only appeal to amateurs, though. The very high maximum return, as well as the very fair regular loss protection of up to 10%, is just as convincing for very experienced traders.

With OneTouch (a trading feature offered over the weekends) Banc de Swiss even offers returns of um to 500%. Of course, returns like this bear a tremendous amount of risk of loss. So only really experienced traders, traders with “insight info” or gamblers will make use of this feature. This Banc de Swiss review will thus focus on the other trading features, like OptionsBuilder, Pro Trader and the 60 seconds trading, more intensely.

The OptionsBuilder is exactly what it sounds like. One can construct one’s own binary options trade. The best feature here is the complete control of return and loss protection. Obviously lowering the possible return will raise the loss protection. A maximum loss protection of 80% is possible this way! The other offered tool is the PRO Trader. It makes it possible to look at prices in different time intervals and handle multiple trades at once. This tool is equally loved by professional traders as by beginners, as it offers so much more overview. The last trading feature offered by BancdeSwiss is the 60 second trade. It offers trades with as little investment as 5 Euro. Even though it is on the verge of being gambling, there is no denying that 60 second trading can offer very much return, if the time for utilizing it is picked wisely, for instance after some economy mayor news.

Swiss Accuracy in terms of opening accounts and possible bonus

Like mentioned earlier, it is already possible to open up a trading account at Banc de Swiss for as little as 100 Euro. It is equally possible to have the account in Euro. Deposits and withdrawals have been executed flawlessly. Of course everything is always executed a little quicker when using a credit card. Wire transfer and Skrill payments are possible as well. Safety is one of the topmost concerns of Banc de Swiss and thus every transaction is executed manually with Swiss accuracy.

With 10%, starting at a first deposit of at least 500 Euro, the Banc de Swiss bonus may appear a little low, compared to the competition. But taking into consideration the turnover conditions which cause a lot of misunderstandings with other brokers, it is not an entirely foolish thing to cut back on the bonus, a little bit. This way the turnover requirement of 10 times the bonus volume is actually doable. Better than an “empty promise” of a very high bonus amount.

Banc de Swiss verdict: Safety, Quality and unbeatable returns

Our Banc de Swiss Review shows that this broker actually is free of weaknesses. They are ahead of their competition in almost every aspect and the only thing one could count against them is their young age. But they are not inexperienced as they definitely combine all the best aspects, a binary options broker should bring. They have the low minimal first deposit, the minimum trading volume, high returns as well as loss protection, a multitude of trading features that satisfy the high risk taker just as well as the penny pincher. A well rounded broker that makes it possible to stick with for a long time. The final verdict is: Try it out!




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