Binary Option 60 second trading with Banc de Swiss

December 23, 2012

Banc de Swiss 60 second tradingThe German based broker Banc de Swiss, owned by Keplero Holding Ltd., is one of the most well known brokers that has been offering binary option 60 second trading from the very beginning. In this article we will present you with some tips, on how to best use 60 second trading in your favor as well as some important facts on 60 second trading with Banc de Swiss in general.

60 Second Trading  with binary options

One of the most important factors of binary option 60 second trading is, obviously, the expiry time. It is always exactly one minute. After this brief period of time the trader will already know if he made the right decision. This extremely fast paced trading style needs a special strategy to be utilized at maximum efficiency.

Useful Binary Option 60 Second Trading Tips:

  • No volatility – no trading: This rule should be followed by every 60 Second Trader. The prices must move quickly in either direction so it is not advisable for 60second trading to trade in quiet market times (for instance during lunch break
  • Outbreaks: Once the price breaks free from a sideway trend it could be a good entry point for a 60 second trade – in both directions!
  • Trend following: If there has been a significant up- or downtrend for quite some time the possibility for a continued trend is larger than it is for a trend reversal.
  • Important News: Important news that are related to certain assets like the EUR/USD for instance, can always cause price movements and be the best entry point for 60 second trades.
  • Choice of Assets: volatile assets like Oil, currency pairs and Gold are always better suited for 60 second trading than stocks with very little price movements.

60 Second Trading at Banc de Swiss

Banc de Swiss offers 60 second trading for as little as 5 Euro starting price. This is one of the lowest minimum trading amounts for binary options in the entire industry. Especially trading beginners will love the resulting low risk and money management options that come with a low minimum trading volume, like that. With Banc de Swiss 60 second trading returns of up to 70% are possible every minute. If the price of the chosen asset is predicted correctly, that is. Traders should find their way around the platform easily enough as it is very clearly structured and pretty self explanatory. In case of doubt, a highly professional support team stands by to answer every single question viea live chat.

Bank de Swiss Facts:

Broker: Binary Options / Market Maker
Company: Keplero Holding Ltd.
Place of Business: Nikosia, Cyprus
Minimum First Deposit: 100 Euro
Minimum Trading amount: 5 Euro

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